Android and SD Card


I guess the feature of moving an app to sd card was introduced in the Android version of gingerbread or may be ice cream sandwich. From a overall view it looks like it looks like a very useful feature,  which will help you install more apps and move the apps into your SD card and thus increasing the internal memory…… BUT but is it really happening that way? I don’t think so, whenever I have tried to move a app to SD Card I have only seen the total memory size increasing rather than the app totally being moved to SD card. Isn’t that strange? See the below example,


App in phone memory


App in SD card

Did you see the difference? What does it mean when the size of the app increases almost twice? What’s the use of this feature? I seriously do not understand. I hope android will improve this feature.

Note : The Android version here is Jelly bean 4.4.2

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||