About Me


Its long time, since this page was updated so thought of doing it right away 🙂

First of all, thanks for showing interest in knowing about me, usually people don’t do that!!

I am Pradeep, one of those who were born in 1986 and one of those million Electronics & Communication Engineer who passed out from college in 2008. Engineering was not my choice though, wanted to get into aviation or medicine but landed up in Electronics! Pheww.. Can’t forget those 4 years of engineering, well not in a good sense! One of the toughest and boring syllabus you can ever get is the one which I chose!

Got married in 2010 and a father too now. I spend most of the time in office and the remaining one’s I spare to my family. My interests are very much evolving, nothing fixed. But I like pets, had many but had to give away when I got my small baby home.. The next best thing I enjoy doing is watching aircrafts and things related to aviation.. Given a chance to re-select my profession, I would undoubtedly get into Aviation.. But hardly people get a second chance!

Well, that was a long story I guess.. Anyways Thank you for your patience!

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||