Hiking to Mount Major


Hiking once in a while is always good for health and it was almost a year ago when I went on hiking back in India. This year our hike was planned to Mount Major in New Hamshire, not a very tough hike but supposedely the views from the peak of the mountain was said to be great with Lake Winnipesaukee in front.

We were about 12-13 people who started from our office in Chelmsford at 11am and we planned to reach the base of the mountain by 1.30PM so that we can be back home by 6PM in the evening same day. The peak of the mountain was about 1.5miles from the base and the descent would be another 1.5 miles or a little more if we take different route for descending. 

We reached the base late by 15 minutes at around 1.45PM and our other colleagues were already waiting there for us 🙂 So we started the hiking roughly by 2PM.

Initially the climb wasn’t too steep but it was a rocky path and slippery at places due to loose soil. The start was really good, all of us were climbing at a good pace but as we moved forward the mountain started to become more and more steep and most of us started panting 🙂 With a sedentary lifestyle like ours its not a easy job climbing . At one point I thought I am going to fall anytime… but them some water helped me going. I am sure it was same with everyone.

And then came the first break.. ah! it was so good.. We stopped for a while, drank water, relaxed for a while and then started again. The terrain was a very interesting one, it was a flat terrain and then suddenly a very very steep rocky climb, in a way that helped us recover some energy. I can say that, the time couldn’t be better for hiking as this is the season of fall and all the trees had turned colorful, red, yellow, peach, pink and all different combinations.

For me hiking means, getting a lot of pictures on my camera, mostly pf the vegetation, macros and if lucky some living creatures too. Here are some of the good pictures that I could click

The climb was only getting tougher as we were burning a lot of calories and every stop to click pictures were useful to regenerate some energy 🙂 So there was 1-2 such places where I thought that its done and I have reached the peak but it wasn’t. But as I climbed the view around the horizon started getting better and better and I started picturing that view from the peak and that kept me moving.

And finally, the peak.. it was there.. and this is how it looked from the peak of mount major,

It was amazing, brilliant like a painting. On one side there was the lake and on the other side the beautiful colors of fall on the mountain. It was more like red, yellow, green dots and then the blue lake. The sky was so clear and there wasn’t a single cloud that day. It was a moment that I will cherish for rest of my life.

Its actually moments like these that will make our life more meanigful!!


|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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