Our Cherry Picking Experience


I think in India there is no such a place where you can pick/harvest fruits, vegetable from the field yourself. But in the US, its a regular thing that people do, they go to a near by farm and they pick the fruits, veggies themselves from the farm. I must say its a great experience, especially for kids who were born in big cities and they never get any chance to see the fruits on the tree. 

In my case, where I was not born in a big city, so for me this was not a very new thing as I always got to pick mangoes, berries etc every time I visited my grand parents home, village side. But for my daughter who was born in a city, it was a great experience.

We live in suburbs of Boston, which is on the east coast of United states of America and there is a farm near our house called the Parlee farm, which is known for letting people pick the harvest themselves, of course they charge good amount of money but its still worth the experience. The Parlee farm lets people know about the picking time and days in a month, and also the type of fruit/vegetable that is ready to be picked. I think they can grow only during the late spring, summer and early fall as rest of the time the climate is very harsh for the plants. 

So every year they start the picking season with different fruits such as strawberries, raspberries, blackberries, cherries, apple, melons, etc and also pumpkin during the Halloween. When we went for the cherry picking it was cherry picking and we paid $18 for a bag. The bag was big enough to hold about 3-4 pounds, so the price was more but as I said earlier, it is a great experience. 

They will form groups of people based on arrival and then take this group to the field on a trailers pulled by a tractor.

I must say, it was great, we ate a lot of cherries, even before we started collecting the cherries in the bag and I think the organisers are aware of this that people will surely eat as much as they want before they start collecting things in the bag, so they charge that extra amount upfront ๐Ÿ™‚

The cherries grow on small trees and some trees had cherries at very low level, so low that even my 4 year old daughter was able to pluck those from the tree. The cherries were delicious and very sweet. We really enjoyed the cherry picking and will surely try to go there once again ๐Ÿ™‚



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