A Day at the Farm


So my office here organizes this voluntary visit to a near by farm in Lincoln, Massachusetts that is run by the Food Org so that we get a day to work as a farmer. This is purely a voluntary service and all we get at the end of the day is Satisfaction.

My other colleagues who had visited the farm previously had told me that it will be very tedious and they were asked to do weeding in the farm, so they are not coming this year. But I thought it will still be an experience and decided to participate. That day morning, it was drizzling and I was sceptical about going but then decided to go.
So we were asked to assemble at the Bakers Bridge farm in Lincoln at 9.15am and then we would be assigned work. And I started from my house at 8.30 with Waze telling me directions, the farm was about 25 miles from my house.I reached the farm at around 9.25 and I must say waze had predicted pretty much correctly.

And when I reached, 5 of my colleagues were already there and they were waiting for me and a couple of more people. So once all th people reached the farmers there told that we will be picking/harvesting beans and water melons.. which was great because a month back I paid for picking cherries from another farm and now I was getting it for free 😁

We started picking the beans from the beans bed, these were called Fire beans or something. The pods were green with fire like red stripes on them.

The only problem with picking these was that we had to bend and pick the beans as sitting was not an option. Finally we gathered about 4 big baskets of beans

And after picking the beans, all of us headed to the water melon field, where they had 3 different types of melons, the regular red ones, the sugar babies and the yellow melons. The farmers said that they would pick the water melons as we may find it difficult to find out the melons that are ready to harvest. There was some way which the farmers knew to find out if the melons are ready to pick. So this time all we had to do is form a human chain and pass the melons from the field to the crate where we collected the melons.

We filled almost 3 crates with water melons and by then it was almost 12.30 in the afternoon and it was time to leave. The farmers were thankful to us and they were generous to give us all one melon of our choice.

Overall it was a great experience and if I get a chance I will surely visit the farm again next year 😁

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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