Trekking to Antaragange


It was a office outing and was decided to be Antaragange. It’s a temple on the hill near Kolar town of Karnataka. Kolar is famous for its gold mines and rocky mountains, more like the mountains you have seen in the movie Sholay. The Antaragange has a old temple where water gushes out of a Bulls mouth 365 days a year and 24 hours a day, and no one has been able to find the source of water to it. People fill cans of water here and consider it holy. To reach the temple you will have to climb about 1500 odd steps.


Antaragange Temple

There are a lot of monkeys on the climb and they don’t hesitate in snatching away food and drinks from your hand, so have to be damn careful about these


A mother and kid Monkey

After the temple you can further climb the hill but there are no steps further but plain hills. Lots of rocks on the hill and if it’s rainy season these rocks could be pretty slippery. You can find a lot of guava trees on the route. After climbing the hill you can try to explore some caves, basically these are not caves but rock formations and there are openings in between so you don’t have to be very scared.



There are few very narrow passages and openings here and you have to really flexible to fit through these openings. At places you have to do all sort of gymnastics to come out of the passage.


The peak is about a kilometer climb from the temple but it seems more that that due to the steepness and rocks. The view from the peak was awesome and that’s the reward you will get for climbing the tough Hill.

We also did rappelling on a not so big Rock. It was a amazing experience for all of us too.


About the Journey
We started from Bangalore at about 8am in he morning and took the Whitefield-Hoskote route to reach Kolar and then Antaragange. We had tied up with Bangalore Mountaineering club for guiding us throughout the trek. We had breakfast at Kamath Upachar and the BMC had arranged lunch at the peak. The peak has a bus route as well so while returning we took the bus instead of climbing down the hill by foot.

Writing this post in a hurry so not so detailed. Please ask in comments sections if you have any queries 🙂
|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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