Boating at Ulsoor Lake


Bangalore or Bengaluru is actually also called as city of lakes, there are abundance of lakes in the city. Even though the city is developing at a very fast rate some of the lakes are perishing but nevertheless there are few lakes in Bangalore which are one of those very few relaxing spots in the busy city otherwise. Ulsoor Lake is one of those lakes and it is very big with few islands in between, although I am not sure if they are man made or natural.
Boating is one of the attraction at Ulsoor Lake apart from bird viewing and a jogging Park.


Ulsoor Lake, Bangalore

Entry to the lake is free but boating has tickets and the price varies for different types of boats. There are peddling boats, rowing boats, motor boats etc.
It’s a nice place to visit over the weekend, but the only problem I saw there is parking place.
Below are few more pictures from Ulsoor Lake.








One of the gliding Boat

Make sure you visit the place before 5 pm otherwise the boat owners hesitate to take the boat.

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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