Dangerous Beggars


Recently whenever I was stuck in a traffic jam or when I was waiting at a traffic signal I had to face these DANGEROUS beggars. These are not the normal beggars who will simply go away if you ignore them or just say go,  instead they will scold you at your bottom and it’s very embarrassing situation as you can’t get into a quarrel with them because of two reasons,  one being you are driving so you can’t stop your car on mid road and get into a fight  and the second reason is these people can really go to any level when in a fight so we tend to ignore them. I
Yes, I am talking about the eunuchs. These days they have plagued all many traffic signals,  railway stations etc.  If you don’t give the money they will directly scold you “SOOLE MUNDE, HALAGI HOGU” which in kannada means “SON OF A BITCH GET LOST” isn’t this so bad? Why can’t they make a decent way for leading their life.. At least be courteous while begging if can’t take up anything else in life.

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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