Betta Fish


I have been thinking of getting a betta fish for long time now and I could actually get one last week. A betta fish is commonly called as a fighter fish and more than that these are those fishes that you see being put in small brandy glasses and small glass bowls in any pet shops. There is a very common misconception among people that they can keep the betta fish even in a glass of water, but let me tell they can survive in such cruel conditions but surely they will not be a happy pet. Please buy a medium sized glass bowl or a small glass box that can hold around 20-30 litres of water, that would be minimum requirement for a happy betta fish.

One things about these fishes are that they are known to live in very harsh environments in wild, conditions like poor light, poor oxygen etc. So any one who is getting their first fish can go for a betta because it can survive even in a  poorly maintained tank.

I have a betta fish which I have named as bitta and thats how my daughter calls it πŸ™‚


My Betta Tank

Betta fishes are usually kept alone as they can be very aggressive with other fishes, they are territorial fishes, which means they won’t like any other fishes to be in their territory. A male and a female betta fish can be kept together but never male with a male or even female with a female!

Betta fishes love bloodworms and they will be very happy if fed with live worms. If not they should be fed the dried worms which are available as betta food in any pet shops.

Regarding tank maintenance, change 20% of the water every weekly even if its the only fish in the tank and change the tank water completely once in 6 weeks. Put some live plants and sunken wood or something that would create a Ph balance in the tank πŸ™‚

If maintained properly your betta fish can survive for 2-3 years!

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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