A Walk in -2 Degrees


It was a very cold day in Chelmsford, Boston, it had snowed for the entire day, the temperature had dropped to -2° it was a kind of snow storm, its the time when people hibernate inside their houses and only then I had this wildest thought of going out for a walk, just to have a pizza 🙂 And I actually enjoyed the walk, even though I had not carried enough winter clothes from India, I had couple of them with me. But I was determined to go out anyways after sitting inside the hotel room for the entire day, it was kind of a punishment for me.

So I had three layers of clothes, a jacket over a hooded overcoat over a t-shirt, I know its too funny but I had no go. Luckily I had a glove but not a winter cap or a winter scarf, so managed with a normal handkerchief (See…. Indians are too smart, they can manage with anything)

My Foot Burried in More than a Inch of Snow

My Foot Burried in More than a Inch of Snow

An Attempt to Make Snow Ball

An Attempt to Make Snow Ball

Well, my actual plan was to go to a near by pizza shop and hog one, but unfortunately it was closed due to heavy storm and I was not in a mood to go back after so much preparation, so thought of walking another half kilometer to the Walmart, which has a Subway inside. Being a pure vegetarian has its own disadvantage when in a foreign country, until you specifically say you don’t want meat, don’t want egg and so and so there is a good chance that you end up eating something you hadn’t eaten till now and Subway is one such place, where I can actually see the contents he adds and I can stop him from adding something that I don’t like. Even in a subway, I hardly saw any option other than Veggie patty. And its the same for lunch, I go to a subway near by my office and order the same everyday, I hope the subway guy isn’t bored 😛

So walked all the way till the Walmart on the streets which were covered with snow and sheets of ice. At places it was damn slippery and that one time, I had almost toppled but somehow avoided the fall. So did some shopping in the Walmart, went to the subway, had the normal Veggie patty and started back. The return walk was a little more complicated as I had some grocery in my hand and also it had started snowing again, but I enjoyed every bit of it. A snow bath was one of my long time dream and to some extent it got fulfilled.

Amazing Snow Fall in Boston

Amazing Snow Fall in Boston

I must thank God for his wonderful creations like snowfall, rainfall and for all other things which are just out of a humans imagination, I must say, he must have been a real creative person 🙂 At times it feels strange even thinking that its a snow fall especially after leaving in a place where I have seen only rain fall but its really a great experience

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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