A Real Proud Moment


How often have you appeared on television? Not many of us have. But it was a very proud moment for me when my wife Anjana appeared on television on a cookery show hosted by Zee Kannada channel. I was fortunate enough to get a chance to appear on TV too, as I was called to taste the recipe prepared by my wife at the end of the show.

The show is called Oggarane Dabbi and it is telecasted all weekdays at 1PM on Zee kannada channel and if you are a fan of local recipes, mom-made recipes, home-made recipes, then this is the show you must see, because people from all over the Karnataka appear on this show with unique recipes.

My wife was asked to prepare a kind of pasta based on few recipes she had proposed to prepare, although she was not too happy with it, as she had more interesting recipes, its completely the channels decision to allow the recipe, so better than nothing she prepared a pasta out of tomato, she named it Tangy tomato pasta.

The studio where the recording was done, was A L Abbaiya Naidu Studio somewhere near Banashankari, Bangalore. All the time when my wife was cooking, I had a hard time to look after Aadhya as she was over excited and was not at all stopping, I had to run behind her all the time.

I believe this is the first step that my wife has achieved and I wish her to achieve many more (After all I am the one who is going to be famous 😛 )

My wife also writes a cooking/recipe blog called The Cooktop – www.thecooktop.in

Below are some of the snapshots from the episode and also sharing the youtube link to the show. If you do like the episode, would love to hear from you in the comments section below.

Me, Aadhya called to taste the Pasta

Me, Aadhya called to taste the Pasta

Anjana Cooking the Pasta

Anjana Cooking the Pasta


|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


2 thoughts on “A Real Proud Moment

  1. Plz plz give me a chance to show .plz contact me… I’m eagerly waiting…… Plz plz… i m comming mandya sir .i love u r progam sir. namagella nivu oned chance kodallva? sir

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