The Tragedy of Indian Cricket


Everyone of us should be knowing about the fact about BCCI gifting Rs.1 Crore to all the Indian cricket players for winning the Champions trophy. Thats really very generous of BCCI but…. but was it worth during this time in India when there are thousands of people stranded in the floods of Uttarakhand, people are dying without food and money and the idiotic BCCI, rather than giving the money to the needy, it paid the wealthy cricketers of India just to make them more wealthier. So the trend continues in India, where a rich is becoming richer and the poor is becoming poorer.

Lets see a situation, assume you have something precious to gift someone and you have two choice to gift it. First one is a person who had entertained you that might have entertained you as well, but at the same time, he was paid heavily for giving you that entertainment. Second one is a person, who saves your life when you were about to die, this person risked his life too for your sake and expects nothing in return nor he is paid a amount equivalent to the risk he took to save your life. Now is big question, WHO WILL YOU HANDOVER THE PRECIOUS GIFT YOU HAVE AMONG THESE TWO PEOPLE??

I am 100% sure that you would surely hand it over to the person who saved your life unless you think like BCCI. But what just happened? The Opposite. Indian army is working 24 hours in the flood hit areas for saving the pilgrims from their stranded locations and what they get? Peanuts?A 30×40 site after retirement(if he is alive)? That’s it! Has anyone heard till now that BCCI donated even a rupee to someone in need? No.. Just accumulating money within themselves and the players.

The money would really have a meaning, if BCCI had given it for the relief activities or to the Indian army jawans, who are more deserving than these filthy cricketers who just play for themselves! This really is a tragedy!

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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