An Appeal….


This is an appeal to all those people in Bangalore and rest of the country, who use their car to commute to office daily.

Dear Comfort-Seekers,

I understand the pain we all undergo to commute to our offices daily, with heavy traffic, roads full of potholes, few idiots who think they are all alone on the road and few other stupids who don’t know what are laws. In such a situation, there is nothing wrong in taking a commute by the safest mean, which more or less is by our private vehicles and to be more specific by car. 

But, Dear commuters, is it economical to drive the car with just one person inside it? No doubt you may be able to afford it, but can the country afford it? You burn so much fuel for just one person which could have been used for some other useful purpose. Not only you are wasting fuel but also congesting the roads. Today there are more cars on roads than any other vehicles, all cars with just the driver. Just imagine how much congestion would have been eased if atleast 50% of you people commute by a two wheeler or a public transport? Why even these, if you have your office in close proximity of your home, why not try taking a walk to office? You will improve your health as well. Still if you think it is not at all possible for you to not take your car, gather 2-3 of your colleagues who also commute by car and do a car pooling, this is the least you can contribute to the country, can’t you?

Do we need this?

Do we need this?

Today, its really a nightmare to pass through few roads in Bangalore just because of the traffic jams. We blame the traffic police and the government for poor infrastructure but its us who are actually creating the traffic jams by not thinking just about our own comfort.

Today, we know that government has put limits on usage of domestic LPG cylinders of 9 per year, do you guys want the same to happen with petrol/diesel also? No doubt that will happen very soon, if you guys do not understand the gravity of the situation. How difficult would our lives be then? These fuels are not renewable, once over they will take millions of years to form again and if this happens all of your million worth cars will be nothing but a museum piece. 

So its a appeal, think over it and act accordingly. Fuel is precious , so is time and you guys are wasting both by commuting by your car. I am not saying, not to commute by car at all, you should do because you have earned these comforts but your comfort should not be a pain for others and the country.

I hope, atleast 1-2 of you guys will change your mind after reading this article.

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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