An Amazing Journey Comes to End at Tata Elxsi


Truly… An amazing and unforgettable journey in my life came to an end last week, when I had to separate from Tata Elxsi after 4 long and wonderful years. I had a great time in Tata Elxsi, special thanks to all my managers and colleagues who made my stay a wonderful one.

To begin, with, it was 2008, the bad recession time in the IT industry. It was that worst time, when most of the IT companies were laying off people rapidly and I had just passed out of my engineering. Luckily, I had a offer from Tata Elxsi through campus interviews and was kind of feeling safe because of it. But even Tata Elxsi was indirectly hit by the recession and I had completely let off my hope of joining Tata Elxsi, but then it was Tata Code of conduct that helped us and I was so happy when, I got a mail from Tata Elxsi HR, which was a call to join Tata Elxsi. No doubt that was one of the best moment in my life and I was seeing my dreams starting to get realized.

On 23rd of March, 2009 I joined Tata Elxsi and I was one among the other 250 odd people who joined along with me. And then the journey started…. It started with 5 months of training and then it continued with things like project work, onsites, appraisals, awards, meetings, interviews, salary cut-offs, cubicle politics, fight with the management for various reasons and so on, which are all part of our daily life. Not at all ,it was not a smooth journey, but no doubt it was an unforgettable and amazing journey of my life.

Tata Elxsi has given me so many things, I have learnt so many important lessons of life here and I am taking all the wonderful memories of Tata Elxsi with me.  I have not only improved my technical skills but also my interpersonal skills and all thanks to Tata Elxsi and my managers who were few of the wonderful people I have met in my life. Not to forget, all my colleagues, peers, sub-ordinates who were co-operative as ever and friendly throughout.

It was a very tough decision for me to move on but it had to happen sometime.

Once again I would like to thank Tata Elxsi and I am always obliged… and I really hope to work here again.

|| Pradeep Prabhu ||


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