Bangalore to Mangalore on Tata Nano


It was 19th of April, 2013 and I had to go to Mangalore for a family function. I started looking for options to travel such as Bus, Train or by air. Bus was very expensive as it was holiday season and Train as usual long queues. Air was very expensive.

So finally, I decided to go by my car – TATA Nano, which is a 2012 model. At first I was not very confident about the journey on Nano since, its a car made for city drive and not for long drives. Few things were on my mind,

  • Ghat section between Sakleshpur and Subramanya stretching for about 40Kms
  • Bad roads (Although there were very few bad road sections)
  • Going with my family which included my small baby

Onward Journey

But I trusted upon my Tata Nano and we started the journey from my residence in Bangalore at 4.30AM, 19th April. The fuel tank being full we started from K.R.Puram->Hebbal->Yeswantpur->Nelamangala to join the NH-75 which will take us to Mangalore via Hassan->Sakleshpur->Subramanya->Bantwal->Mangalore.

NH 75 Between Bangalore-Hassan

NH 75 Between Bangalore-Hassan

We reached Hassan by 8.30AM, where we stopped at the Kamath Upachar Udaipur which is about 10-15Kms before Hassan. We had completed 225Kms in about 4 hours. The road between Bangalore-Hassan is a well laid 4-lane highway with two toll gates.

After Hassan, the road to Sakleshpur is also a good one but little curvy, so had to drive a little carefully and slowly. As we approached Saklespur the roads went more and more bumpy and this continued till we completely crossed the entire ghat section till Gundya junction. The Nano sailed very smoothly throughout without any signs of fatigue, I was driving at a almost constant speed of 75-80Kmph.

Hassan - Sakleshpur

Hassan – Sakleshpur

We had touched the end of the Shiradi Ghat by around 11.30AM and then it was good roads again till Mangalore. Stopped for a small break for about 10 minutes, just to check the tyre blow, engine temperatures etc and found everything normal so continued our journey to Mangalore.



We had reached Mangalore at about 1PM. So here is the summary of the journey

  • Total Distance = 379Kms
  • Total petrol used worth Rs.950/ 13 litres(Full tank on Tata Nano)
  • Total duration = 9 hours including 45 minutes of stop for breakfast and tea
  • Total mileage roughly = 28.5Kmpl
Return Journey Sakleshpur - Hssan

Return Journey Sakleshpur – Hssan

Return Journey

Well the return journey was not so interesting as it was during the forward journey. although here is the summary

  • Total Distance = 379Kms
  • Total petrol used worth Rs.900/12 litres
  • Total duration = 10 hours including 45 minutes of break
  • Total mileage roughly = 27Kmpl


Road Quality

  • Whitefield – Nelamangala (Mix of good and bad road with one Toll gate)
  • Nelamangala – Channarayapatna (Very good 3 lane road with 2 toll gate)
  • Channarayapatna – Hassan (Very good road but under construction here and there)
  • Hassan – Sakleshpur (Single lane good road but curvy roads)
  • Sakleshpur – Gundya(End of Ghat) (Moderate and bumpy roads)
  • Gundya – B.C.Road ( Good road, single lane and very curvy, need to drive very carefully)
  • B.C.Road – Mangalore ( 4 lane very good road with one toll gate)

    After Shiradi Ghat towards B.C.Road

    After Shiradi Ghat towards B.C.Road

Overall it was a very big hurdle for me and for my Nano but overall the journey was very comfortable for me and my family of 2.

Total costs for 2 was just Rs.500 per person per trip, so overall cost was Rs.1000 per person for entire journey which was much more economical than buses.

Pradeep Prabhu


20 thoughts on “Bangalore to Mangalore on Tata Nano

  1. chandranath

    Dear Pradeep,
    good journey.Actually me & my family also recently done the same trip from electronic city bangalore to mangalore to udupi on our Nano 2012.Interesting thing was we were total 5 person & all adults,then also nano pulled like any other simple car.the whole journey was superb with constant mileage of 23km/l & AC on during day time..Only hiccup was the ghat section climbing while coming back..

  2. Sir it Was really economic n careful journey. Can u please tell Me the toll gate rates from yeshwantpur to mg road Hassan as I am planning to go belur n halebeedu. Your guidelines r appreciated.

  3. D'Silva

    Can you comfortably overtake other vehicles or does the engine starve!.. And moreover specially in the ghat, i think you cannot take chance overtaking?
    Kndly clarify my doubts. Because i am planning buy one too!!

  4. sudip

    Thanks Pradeep for great review …..i have just booked NANO CX neon rush ….i was told by many people dont go for it ….simultaneously many told me go for it would be great deal… of my friend told me engine get hot soon ….but your review help me to prove him he is wrong ….Thanks …..lets hope i do enjoy NANO ……..this will be my first car and in my budget too,,,also i am proud that i can take my family on ride ……they all are happy for my decision.!!!!

  5. Rohith B N

    Yes bro you are true this car is a performing car which gives us a very good mileage nearly 30KMPL in highways .. For me this cute car gave me 27KMPL with AC to chikkamangalur .. And without AC i have got 30KMPL… Sexy car performs like a 4X4 vehicle in dumpy roads with Good Ground clearance…. Over all good car and Thanks to Tata Motors…

  6. Arjun Shetty

    I am planning to go Bangalore from Mangalore on 20th Nov 2016 in My Nano. its a 2011 model. but its still looks new in best condition. After reading this article i decided to go in Nano. But wondering about the cost. As you mentioned total cost of 1000 per person in 2013. Thinking what might be the cost for 2016. Hope it at least matches the bus fare. Thank you for appreciating Nano. Its one of the best car from TATA.

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