How Easy Or Difficult is it to Make Money Using Your Website?


I guess this is probably the question that came to most of you , when you thought of earning money online. The term ‘earn money online’ is a very famous, most searched term on Google. But there are probably very few resources on internet that tell you to earn money online in a shortcut. The basic thumb-rule is no method of earning money legally is simple or quick, it surely will take some effort and time. But yes the opportunities for earning money online is really vast, if you spend some decent amount of time on internet.

I would basically like to write down about making money by creating your own website or blog, which as far as I know is the easiest way for earning money online. So what does it takes to create your own website/blog? Below are the steps.

  1. Brainstorm about a topic that you know the most, or would love to know the most. Also check how many other people on the internet are writing about it. The less number of people writing about it, the more is your chance to earn money.
  2. Decide if you want to do some initial investments or you want to go with free blogging platforms such as Blogger, WordPress etc. But keep in mind that free blogging platforms can only help you improve your writing skills and not in earning lots of money as most of the CPC(Cost per click), CPM(Cost per mile) programs such as Adsense, Kontera, Adbrite only approve websites that are not on subdomain.
  3. If you have chosen to create a website/blog by purchasing a domain name then you can probably find one at,,,, etc. The price of domains vary from domain to domain. A .com domain may cost you around $10-20, a .in domain may cost you about $8-$15 depending upon which place you buy them. There are domains such as .tv, .me etc which may be available for cheaper price but .com, .in & .net are domains usually preferred
  4. Now choose a webhost or a webserver that will host all your website files. Choose a basic plan initially which you can upgrade later based on your requirements. You can buy webhosting plans at,, etc
  5. Next step you have to do is set the dns servers of your webhost to your domain name which you may get detailed steps on buying a hosting plan.
  6. Now install a blogging platform on your webhost such as blogger, jhoomla, wordpress based on your requirement. I would suggest blogger or wordpress for a beginner. You may also find scripts on your webhosts that can install these blogging platforms for you.
  7. Basically that’s it. Your website is ready and you are ready to post your first article.
  8. Now comes the point, how to earn money from the website? The answer is using CPC or CPM programs such as Google adsense, Kontera, adbrite etc. These programs will provide you with snippets of javascripts which you have to place on your website. These scripts inturn will display ads on your website when someone visits your site. If they click on that ad you will be paid by the ad placing agency some part of the commission they get. The amount can be anything between $0.1 – $10 depending on the ad.
  9. Apart from these, you can also join something called affiliate programs which will again provide you some java snippets or links that you have to place on your website. When someone click on these links and a product is sold through your website you will be paid some commission. Affiliate programs in India are available from many sites such as Amazon, Flipkart etc.
  10. Also you can free up some space on your website’s home page and place a notice saying available for ads, some companies might turn up to you and pay you some money for placing their ad on your website.

The main thing you need to keep in your mind is you need to have audience for your website, until then your website cannot earn you a single penny. To have audience/visitors to your website you need to have genuine and quality contents which is not available elsewhere on the internet. Apart from these things you also need to do some search engine optimization (SEO) on your website so that it is search engine friendly. SEO basically is needed as search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo, Ask can actually send lots of audience to your website, if your website is indexed by them. Whenever people search something on these search engines, it will look into its database for that particular search term and if your website has that keywords or search term then, the search engines will direct the visitors to your website.

You also need to make sure that you have returning visitors. Returning visitors are those visitors who come frequently to your website. How can you make sure you get returning visitors? By sending out newsletters on daily or weekly basis notifying them about the new contents published on your site. Newsletters can be sent using Google feedburner service, which is available free of cost for publishers. Also make sure you have comments enabled on your website and you reply to the queries asked by your visitors.

Make adequate use of social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+ etc to publish/advertise your website.

Importantly you should keep in mind that making money alone should not be the motive for you to write on your website.

Hope this article helps you all.


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