Me and My Zebra Finches


I always had this dream of keeping birds as pets but I got the chance of realizing this dream only after I got married πŸ™‚ thanks to my wife who equally likes pets.

Zebra Finch
These are birds which resemble the most as house sparrows that we used to play with, during our childhood. Apart from few differences both look the same. Zebra’s are called so because of the black strips they have on their chest area. They have a very attractive red beak and legs. Male and female birds can be easily distinguished from the beak color and the black strips. Why I got Zebra finch is that, they are relatively easier to care for and easily bred! πŸ™‚ A pair of Zebra finch will cost you about 150-200 bucks! The best feature about them is the way they chirp, they sound almost the same as the sound that the shoes make, which are wore by small kids, as in ‘pim pim’ πŸ™‚

My Zebra’s
I had a pair of zebra finch , obviously a male and female πŸ˜› Zebra’s can be bred easily provided they have good nutrition and a safe nest, I never expected any chicks from my birds but one fine day I could see my hen laying a egg, next day another and so on. Finally there were about 5 eggs!!! But unfortunately, it was their first clutch of eggs and they were not knowing about taking good care of the eggs, so 4 of the eggs broke, only one chick hatched after about 12 days, but to add to the tragedy even that chick died!!!:-(

I was really sad seeing those poor birds 😦

It was about a week since the chick’s death and the hen had laid another 4 eggs, but I was not that excited this time because of what happened last time!


Zebra Finch chicks - one month old

But to my surprise the parents had learnt their mistake and this time they took very good care of the eggs and after 2 weeks all 4 eggs hatched, still I kept my fingers crossed! But the parents raised the chicks very well πŸ™‚ and finally the family got expanded from 2 to 6, unfortunately one of the chick got hurt some how and it died 😦 so I do have 5 zebra finch now πŸ™‚

It was really a great experience to see the birds growing right from the egg, hatchling to a adult bird πŸ™‚


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