Why is India Still a ‘Developing’ Country?


I should first of all thank god and my company, to give me a chance to visit a Developed country. I was lucky enough to visit Israel in March 2011. First of all I would like to make it clear that, Israel is not a Islam country. It is a small country located on the shores of Mediterranean Sea, surrounded by other countries like Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, Egypt, Palestine(Not officially a country still)   occupied mostly by Jews and small amount of Jewish Arabs. Why I am saying this, people usually asked me ‘How I am feeling in a Muslim country?’, whenever I got a call from them during my stay. Most of the people have a misconception that Israel is just like Pakistan or Iraq or Iran, but its not.

My visit was planned for 3 months and I was supposed to stay in Tel Aviv, so I had enough time to roam around in Israel. Tel Aviv is the most modern and most happening city of Israel, Jerusalem being the capital. They usually say here that, “Study in Haifa, Worship in Jerusalem, Enjoy in Tel Aviv”. Tel Aviv is a city located on the coast of Mediterranean Sea. As I said above, it is a modern city and it has good infrastructure to get that qualification. Good roads, Cleanliness, planned development, etc. Just to add, there were few Indian restaurants as well, like Salaam Bombay on the Allenby St, Sab Kuch Milega on Levinsky St, Indira on Shaul Hamelich St, Tandoori near Dizengoff Center 🙂

When I was in India, I was thinking, why is India still a ‘Developing’ country, even though we are fully qualified to be a ‘Developed’ country. But after coming to Israel, I slowly started to realize, we are still far away from this stage of becoming a ‘Developed’ country. I am sorry to say this, but this is the fact. To start from the basics, as we all know, the population of India, is much much larger than that of Israel and this is the prime reason for India to remain in a ‘Developing’ state. Israel hardly has 7 million people. But I must say among this 7 million atleast 5 million people follow the government rules, another reason why Israel is ‘Developed’, but in India, the ratio of people following rules is very less. Just to give an example, How many of us cross the road as per the traffic signal? I am sure most of us don’t follow. All such small things that we don’t follow, each of us think, how can one following a traffic rule for crossing the road make India a ‘Developed’ country? But it does my friend, as a pedestrian you start following the traffic rules, other pedestrians will do follow you, and gradually everyone will be forced to follow the traffic rules AT-LEAST.

Another main thing what I noticed here was, recycling concept, which I liked very much. On every streets, every corner of the city, they have a place to dump the plastic wastes like bottles, CDs, bags etc, this is not unique to Israel, we have it in India also, if not everywhere, at-least we have in some part of our cities. But the big question is do we use these? No… Many times I have seen people using these dust bins for peeing & vomiting, especially the recycle bins that are kept at the public bus stations. Now who would like to recycle that?? They have at-least 5 dust bins for every 100 meter here and again people use them.

Another incident I would like to put here was, one day when I was on the way to office, I saw a car bumping into the stoppers on the footpath, some 3-4 stoppers were uprooted and was completely thrashed, this is not a big deal, we have such accidents in India too. But the thing is, those uprooted stoppers were replaced immediately and everything was back on track within no time. If it was in India, those stoppers would be never replaced, until & unless the roads are blocked if they are not replaced. I was shocked by seeing the discipline followed here.

One more thing what I liked in Israel is, the dust free environment everywhere, I suffer from dust allergy, but not even a single time, I had an inflammation my nose because of dust, because there is no dust, since all the barren lands are filled with some kind of plants & lawns, so dust is not accumulated at all, where as in India, we all know what is the situation. You stop in the traffic for 2-3 minutes and you start sneezing right away. The water problem, which is very common in India, here in Israel fresh water is very scarce as rain is very scarce and most of the times people rely on the underground water. But still the water management is simply superb. I never got cold or viral because of bad water throughout the 3 months that I stayed here.

Now if you consider the work culture here, there is nothing more important than personal life, people hardly work on holidays & weekends, unless it is so so critical. They come to office on time & leave from office on time, no matter what happens. This again might depend from company to company but this is what I noticed in the place where I worked. People do not depend on the ‘IT GUYS’ or the ‘Cleaner’ to install a software on their PC or to clean the tea they spilled on the floor. So you see, they save a lot of time here by not waiting for someone else to get the work done.

If I keep telling there are a lot of things but the my point in writing all this is just to convey that we can make this happen in India too.

Its not that I am criticizing the system in India, I know we have many basic problems in India to fiddle out but as a citizen I feel we all should voluntarily follow the protocols or rules. Its us, who can bring the change in our India and make it ‘Developed’ from ‘Developing’ and I would be the happiest to see all these things happening in India.

At-least I have decided that I will follow the traffic rules, to start with and I hope many of you will join me in doing so. Lets hope we can see ‘Developed’ nation in India very soon.



3 thoughts on “Why is India Still a ‘Developing’ Country?

  1. Sunil

    India – developed country.. long way to go. And rightly said, the reason is population. Even though we have so much resources overall, not enough for the needs. It is very difficult from where we are right now to become like any other developed country..

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