Our Visit to Bannerghatta National Park

The Lion safari at Bannerghatta

Some trips happen unexpectedly & this is one of those, Our visit to the Bannerghatta National park. Both me & my wife were free on that friday, i.e on 10th September, So we decided to visit the Bannerghatta National park, which is located on the outskirts of Bangalore. It is one of the best animal sanctuary in India and has many endangered species conserved.

The Herbivorous Section at Bannerghatta

The Herbivorous Section at Bannerghatta

The animal collection here consists of Lions, Bears, White tigers, Bengal tigers, Wild buffalo, Antelopes, White peacocks, Iguanas, Hyenas, Zebras, Spotted dear, Cheetahs, Fox, variety of Pigeons, Love birds, Parrots, Peacocks, Pheasants, Rhesus Monkey, Star tortoise, Red ear slider turtle, Cobras, Pythons, Vipers, Owls, Fishes.

How to reach

  • From Majestic Bus stand – Catch a BMTC bus no.365, 365J which directly goes to the park.
  • From Whitefield – Take a bus no.335 from Hope farm to Marathahalli Bridge, bus no.500C from there to Jayadeva hospital, bus no.365 from there to the park.

Things to See at BNP

  • Grand Safari – The grand safari here will cost Rs.160 per person &
    The Lion safari at Bannerghatta

    The Lion safari at Bannerghatta

    if you have a camera you will need to pay Rs.25 extra & Rs.120 for a video camera (lower rates for children, senior citizen & physically handicapped). The safari ticket will include the ride through the Bear safari, Herbivorous safari, Tiger safari, Lion safari. Also you can visit the zoo using the same ticket. The grand safari will take around 1 – 1.5 hours to complete. The best one for me was the bear safari, since you will find so many bears. We saw about 5-6 lions in the lion safari, 2 bengal tiger & a white tiger at the tiger safari, also we saw a bunch of crocs at the crocodile lake. At the herbivorous safari we saw a herd of Antelopes & Wild buffaloes. You will be taken on a enclosed tempo for the safari for safety reasons, also you can click photos of these animals.

  • Butterfly Park – Once you finish the grand safari you will be dropped outside the butterfly park, you can go inside if you wish to see the butterfly park.
    The Butterfly Park at Bannerghatta

    The Butterfly Park at Bannerghatta

    You need to pay separately to go inside, the ticket will cost you Rs.25 per person (lower rates for children, senior citizen & physically handicapped) . The butterfly park is a big enclosed dome where live butterflies are allowed to fly freely, there is good collection of butterflies there. Also there is a museum inside the butterfly park, where specimens of different butterflies & larvae are kept for public display. Also there is a movie theater where they display movies related to butterflies.

  • Zoo – The zoo at BNP has got large collection of unique & endangered animals including birds, animals, reptiles & fishes. There is also a museum where different animal specimens are kept for display. You can visit only the zoo by paying Rs.40 per person if you are not interested in the grand safari. You can spend the whole day at the zoo.

The BNP is made a plastic free zone , so as you enter the park , you will have to give away all the plastic bags you have, and you will be given paper bags instead.

NOTE: The park timings are 9:00 am to 4.30 pm and it remains closed on every Tuesdays.

The best thing you can do is take a BMTC gold pass for Rs.85 using which you can travel freely on the volvo buses, also there are lot of ordinary BMTC buses every now & then to the BNP.

Overall it was a good trip for me & my wife. We had started at around 9.30 morning & were back to home by 5.30 evening.


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