How to Install the Rupee Font in your PC ?


Rupee Symbol
Recently the Indian government announced the symbol for Indian Rupee and we all Indians should be proud that now we too have a symbol for our currency and we are at par with the countries like United States, Britain, Japan, Europe etc.

The Indian rupee symbol was proposed by a IIT student by name Uday Kumar and he was awarded a cash prize of 2 lac by Indian government.

How to Install Rupee Symbol on your PC

  • Download the Rupee font here.
  • Copy it into the C:\Windows\Fonts folder of your Computer.
  • You should be able to use it now in any text editor on your PC.
  • The newly installed font will be listed in the fonts menu by name Rupee Foradian.
  • To use the Rupee symbol you need to tap the key that is just above the Tab key on your keyboard.

Thats it, you can use the Rupee symbol on your PC now!! Enjoy!



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