Paul – The Octopus and FIFA

Paul - The Octopus

Paul - The Octopus

I usually never watch football, I don’t know anything about football except for some national teams like Brazil, Italy etc. But this time I was very much excited about the FIFA world cup, 2010 just for one reason and its Paul – The Octopus.

Paul is a 2 year old octopus who lives at the Sea life aquarium, Germany. The main reason he is in news recently is for the reason that he predicts the results  of football matches in which Germany is playing. And fortunately his predictions goes right most of the times.

He will be given two boxes each containing the flag of the 2 nations playing the game, those boxes will contain his food. The box which he chooses first is considered to be the winner.

He has started predicting since the EURO 2008, in which he predicted 4/6 right and in the FIFA 2010 he predicted 8/8 right!! He predicted the results of the FIFA 2010 world cup final winner to be Spain and BINGO!! he was right!!

Apart from Paul, many other animals like Mani -The parrot, John – The rabbit, Manja – The Parrot and many other at the zoo were made to predict the results but none of those were as ‘Bang on Target’ as that of PAUL!!

Lets see how many more right predictions will Paul do!! Long live Paul!!



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