Raavan – Much more was Expected


After a long long wait the movie raavan was released on 19th June 2010 all over the country. The ads of the movie created lots of sensation and enthusiasm among the people.

I too went for the movie, what I found was it was an un usual love story, but abhishek has again failed to bring out that natural flow that was needed for his role. Vikram and Aiswarya were better than Abhishek. The best thing in the movie is the shooting location and the back ground score by A R Rahman.

The shooting in completely done in some forest, all over the country including karnataka, kerala, Maharastra, Tamil nadu etc.  This looks much better on a bigger screen.

The film is much based on the good old Ramayan with some twist at the end, where ram is portrayed more negative in this movie and raavan as a good person.

The performances by the side actors like ravikishan, nikhil dwivedi, priyamani, govinda was much better than the lead roles.

Overall its a movie that can be watched more than once just for watching the movie shooting locations and the effects brought out by Rahman.



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