A Visit to Cubbon Park, Bangalore


It was a lazy sunday, very cloudy, so felt like going out somewhere. First I was not able to decide the place, later I finalized it to be Cubbon park. The reason being that we could see Vidhan soudha, High court of Karnataka and Cubbon park itself.
Cubbon Park
How to reach: The cubbon park is very close to Kempe Gowda bus stand , Bangalore. Come to Ashoka pillar circle or at the corporation circle. You can see a long path to cubbon park that is having palm on both sides.

Cubbon park: Its a very old park that was established in Bangalore. It a very large area spread over with different kinds of flora and fauna.

We had to walk a lot inside the park. The best thing there was we got so many good snacks like corn, cucumber, raw mango, etc to eat. It was really yummy!! Slurrppp!!
We also saw the beautiful bamboo forest, it was very huge, the bamboo shoots there made sharp noise when the wind blew between them. At one corner of the forest there is a Aquarium, which charges Rs.5 for adults and Rs.3 for children as the entrance fees. It has a impressive collection of fresh water fishes like Arowana, Oscars, Sharks, Chichlids, Gauramies, Gold fishes, Electric eels and many more fishes.

There was also a enclosed garden called as Balbhavana, which also charged some Rs.10 as entrance. It has a skating field, a toy train etc.

The cubbon park has so many good places inside to have a group lunch etc. There is also a closed space where some turkies are left to roam freely. You can also get a horse ride if you want. If you are lucky enough you will spot so many birds like Parrots, Mynas etc.

Finally we saw the beautifull Vidhana Soudha and the oppositely lying High court of Karnataka which is painted dark red.

Overall it was a good time pass at the cubbon park.


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