A New Wish Has Emerged…..


This happened today when I was browsing through the net. The Apple iPod Touch. ” Oh God!! Please give it to me right now!!! …………..” , such is the level of desire 🙂

Now I am crazy about the Apple iPod touch, even though apple has other new devices released into market I am crazy about just the iPod touch. Its design is awesome and I am a music lover, I can listen music as long as I want.
Apple iPOD touch
The most interesting feature of the Apple products is that the engravings on the backside. Well, this is given only if you buy the apple products from the Apple official website, i.e US site store. It would be an excellent gift material.
Apple iPOD touch
The variant on my wishlist is the Apple iPod 8GB. I don’t have much desires for higher GB’s 🙂 I wish I get it soon.  Please pray god so that I get is very soon!!!



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