Often Visited places & hangouts in Bangalore


Its been more than a year I shifted to Bangalore, but was busy all these days so couldn’t visit much places but still I have managed to visit quite a good number of places, so just decide to list all those down,

  • Lal-bagh Botanical gardens – Its a place that is meant for nature lovers, its a awesome place for a family lunch beneath the huge trees that lay here for past few decades. This place is located on way to Jayanagar, Bangalore. There are many endangered & rare species of plants & trees here. Some are very huge, some very long, some very wide etc etc. You need more than a hour to roam fully inside the gardens. It is also known for the famous glass house. It hosts many kind of exhibitions every year like flower exhibitions, fruits exhibitions etc.
  • Lalbag

  • Forum Value Mall, Whitefield – Its a place where I visit often, the reasons for that are, its very close to my house and mainly it is less crowded compared to other malls since it was opened recently. Also there are quite good number of cafe’s & fast food chains here that are enough for a small treat. KFC, McDonalds, MTR, Transit , Beijing bites and many more good places to hang out.
  • ISKON Temple, Malleshwaram – Very far from my house, need to change two buses to reach here. But its a good place for both pilgrims & the one’s who like hogging 🙂 There are many counters here that sell foods like pakoras, pastries, juices, milk shakes, kulpies etc. The Lord Krishna idol is worth watching here. Also its located on the top of a hill that makes it an awesome place.

  • Wet Pets, Infantry Road, Shivajinagar – Are you a pet lover? Then this is the place you need to visit without missing in Bangalore. You will find all kinds of exotic birds , animals & fishes here. All these are for sale, other than live animals you will also find all the foods, accessories and toys for your pet here. Some main species that are sold here are Macaws, Budgerigars (Budgies), African love birds, Finches, Conures, Hamsters, Guinea pigs, Bunnies, Cats and many more.
  • Majestic circle – I guess most of the people in Karnataka know this name or place. Well I can say its the center of Bangalore. This is not at all a place to hang out but still I like it because its a place busy 24 x 7. There is a lot to shop here may be not branded but all these road side articles that are innovative enough to attract people.
  • My terrace – How can I forget this?? This really is the most visited place by me. Our terrace, awesomest place 🙂 Its on the fifth floor of our building and you want to refresh your mind, then this is the place you should visit. You can see a beautiful sunset, railway tracks with often trains and the best one is the continuous breeze! I spend around an hour or two here daily!

Well this is a partial list, as time passes I will keep adding places to this list as Bangalore is a  huge places and I need much more time to visit all those.  Namma Bengaluru is always the Best City in India!!



One thought on “Often Visited places & hangouts in Bangalore

  1. Nice Article! I stay in whitefield. Phoenix Marketcity located in Mahadevpura is one of the best & worlclass Shopping mall in Bangalore. It is also a must see place in Whitefield. With all the latest entertainment options, the finest of fine-dining places, the best of adventure sports and the best of international and national retail brands.

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