Mangalore Air Crash – The Unexpected


I am very closely related to Mangalore since its my home town. What ever happens in Mangalore will effect me a lot, let whichever part of world I live in. And the last thing that happened in Mangalore was a plane crash that occured at the Mangalore Air port.
RIP It was a plane full of people who were coming from Dubai to Mangalore for various reasons like wedding of their close relatives, house warming, funeral of their close one’s, spending vacations, school admissions and even to settle down in India. But their fate was different, the plane crashed when it overshot the run way and fell into the deep valley beside the air strip at the Mangalore airport. Out of 167 passengers only 8 managed to survive the accident and rest all died, including the cabin crew and the flight crew members.

It was really a very sad thing that happened to all these people and to all the people of this country. I pray god to give strength to all the people who lost their kith & kin to bare this unfortunate loss. I pray this never happens again with anyone.

Rest in Peace @ all the passengers who lost their lives!



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