The Crazy Tender Coconut-wala


Life is also very strange that it makes us meet so many kind of species daily, it was yesterday I met such a person, whom I can say as innocent rather than saying a illiterate. It was the person who was selling tender coconuts on his bicycle.
I wanted to buy tender coconuts for my wife since she had got ulcers in her mouth. I searched the entire area around my house and did not find one single tender coconut ( When we want something we never get it AS ALWAYS) , finally I found this fellow who was standing with a dozen of tender coconuts near my house. I was on my bike and I went to him and asked for 2 tender coconuts and I guess that would be enough for him to conclude that I will take those home and not have it there, but still I told him I will not have it there and will take it home.

He started chopping a tender coconut , I thought he will chop until he gets the soft part but as I was seeing him he even poked it with his knife and put a straw in it. I was shocked but still I managed to behave normally and told him that i wanted to take home and I said its ok I will take it like that only and said him to give one more as parcel. But that fool again poked it and put a straw in that too, now I was in a fix. How can I take two opened tender coconuts on my bike alone????

No other go, I kept my bike there and came home walking with the 2 tender coconuts in my hand!! Later went and brought my bike! 🙂 I wonder how this kind of people manage to survive in this world!!



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