Training my Budgies


Budgie Flock
Its almost 2-3 weeks I brought my birds home, now I am trying to tame the birds, I feed them millet seeds using my hand, initially they were scared and hesitated to eat from my hand but now they eat after thinking a while.

These are very clever birds, they cannot be fooled so easily, I wanted them to eat some veggies along with the seeds just for their good health but they never attempt to eat anything other than seeds. I tried seed topping over a banana but still they eat only the seeds ha ha!!

Have to try out some other methods so that they eat veggies. They some times eat coriander leaves, but that depends on thier mood. One of my budgie eats only if the other eats else it never even comes near my hand!!

I would be very happy to feed them veggies and fruits if they eat. Hope they learn to eat all those soon!



3 thoughts on “Training my Budgies

  1. Hi Prabhu,
    I saw your posts on talkbudgies and followed the link to your blog. One of my professors, an audiologist, is from Bangalore. How is the weather? My husband is from Kolhapur, in Maharashtra, but I understand his family, Dolas, has a house somewhere in Bangalore. I go by Jobops on the budgie forum. How are the birds, did moving them up help?

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