One of the Worst Day in Bangalore


It was 30th of April, first of all april 2010 was not at all good for me, that too the last day of the month was horrible, I was set to go to Mangalore to get my birds cage, which I had left back at home while shifting to Bangalore.

I thought it would be funnier and cheaper if I travel by train on second class compartment, but it was friday and saturday was a public holiday on account of May day, so I knew if I need to get a seat I should go to the starting point that is Yeswanthpur railway station. I left home at around 5.30 since it takes me 1-2 hours to reach majestic and half an hour from there to Yeswanthpur Rly station.

I did not get a direct bus so had to travel halfway on a bus and remaining on other bus. After reaching majestic, I got a direct bus to Ypur Rly station,once at station I was shocked to see the queue at the ticket counter, it was so long, even the platform where the Mangalore train was to come was filled with people. It was around 7.45 when I reached the station and the train departures at 8.35, I stood on the queue but Indians are clever most people what they do is handover money to the people at the start of the queue and ask them to but tickets for them too. So each guy at the start of the queue had to buy 3 0r 4 ticket. It delayed the queue moving speed, it was 8.30 when I was still far from the ticket counter, I came to know it was of no use anymore waiting on the queue. I quit from the queue.

I decided to go back to majestic and catch a Rajahamsa bus to Mangalore. And as if god appeared it started raining heavily, I had no umbrella, I was drowned badly. I got a BMTC bus and started back to majestic, but I thought I may not get a seat in majestic too since it was weekend. I made up my mind and got down at Rajajinagar, where there were private bus pick up point, thinking I might get a seat on any one of the private bus. I asked in two three offices but they too said all seats are full. Finally I got a seat on a bus called Subramanya Travels, it was a 2-3 seater, and a last seat, a AC bus. But I has no option so bought the ticket for Rs.550 which is 5 times the cost of train ticket and more than the ticket of  Airavat. The bus was scheduled to come at 10.15 but it came at 11 since roads were blocked because of rain.

I got on the bus and sat on the seat it was so congested that there were 6 people sitting already and I had to sit between them. A guy among them was drunk, and it was a AC bus and the window panes were closed so it was a very bad odor inside. I felt like vomitting but somehow controlled. The bus was still in Bangalore till 12.15, he had to fill deisel too. Oh!! God! it was horrible. Whole night I could not sleep! A horrifying journey!



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