Real Embarrasing Moment @ Foodworld


Never before my credit card did this to me until yesterday, me and my wify went to foodworld @ whitefield for some grocery shopping and we did collected all the items we needed and came for billing , as usual I wanted to pay with my credit card ( Collecting reward points ), I was quite  sure there was enough credit in that. But when the counter boy swiped it, it showed a DECLINED message, i asked him to try again since some times because of low network strength the card reader shows declined message. He tried again and same message again!!!! I was in a deadly fix!

He had already packed the items that we had shopped, I said to him that I will get cash from a nearby ATM and asked him to wait till I get cash!  LUCKILY all the near by ATMs were out of order ( As always one of them being SBI ATM) !!!!!! And more LUCKILY I forgot my credit card ATM PIN! ( WoW! Now this a real situation )

Well what else can I do returned home empty handed and brought some essential grocery items with what cash I had in my purse!! Some times technology will screw us like hell!! This is a nice example! When I called the bank people they are saying their server was down for an hour or so, hence my swipe failed!!

Well along with me the store guys also were in a fix since they had to put back all the packed items back to their respective place he he!! Life teaches a lesson everyday isn’t it?? What I learnt is ” CASH is CASH nothing can replace it!! ”  🙂



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