Stopped By Traffic Police


First time in my life I was stopped by the traffic police while I was on my bike, it happened today i.e on 23rd April 2010, it was a routine check up but still it was first time for me.

Fortunately I had all the documents so I stopped with full confidence, suddenly I remembered that my insurance policy was lapsed last march and I did not renew it. As I stopped, I removed my purse that had all the documents and showed my license to the constable, he asked if it was a new bike, his next question made me get a slight shock because the question was ” SHOW ME YOUR INSURANCE POLICY”, I thought I will have to pour some money on him or on civil court of Karnataka, luckily as I started opening the policy document the constable said ” ITS OK YOU CAN GO”, ┬áha ha!! it was a sigh of relief for me!! Also he said me “THANK YOU FOR STOPPING” ha ha!! I also thanked him and escaped from there before he changed his mind!!



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