The Stupid Camera Incident


This incident happened right after one day I bought my new digital camera. I had bought my camera the previous day evening and by the time I had reached home it was already night. That day night I clicked several photos in and around my house but I was very curious to see how a photo clicked in daylight would look like.

So the next day morning I woke up early and started clicking photos , I also clicked a photo of the rising sun, but incidentally there was a house in the same direction and at the same time that I was clicking photos the tenant of that house came outside along with his small kid and his wife and he saw me clicking photos, but I did not notice him, I was still clicking photos. After some time I came in and started transferring the photos onto my laptop.

SUDDENLY!! I heard a very loud bang on my door, I got very angry, first of all there was no power that morning and I had to bath cold water and upon that some one banging the door as if, it is his father in laws house. I went and opened the door and saw a person who almost looked like a Rowdy!! He started speaking in Marathi, Mad fellow, I thought he forgot he is in Karnataka. I asked him in hindi, why he banged the door. He started complaining that I was clicking his Wife and his sons photo ( As if he is from Amitab Bachan’s family)

I really got pissed off with his behavior, but since he was my neighbor I spoke calmly to him and showed him all the photos I clicked!! Finally he went back with a sigh of relief! But really this was a funny incident!! I will never forget it! He also got a nick name from me – Amitab 🙂



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