Heart Beating Faster These Days


Hmmm!! Every person will get atleast one chance  to experience this kind of happiness or anxiety ! Yes because of marriage. Its my time now!!

One side I am very happy that we did it, and our love succeeded but other side I am also sad that the wonderful bachelor life is over 😦

I am the first one among all my friends to get married , so I guess all my friends are equally excited about my marriage as much as I am. Well, let me tell that my marriage is fixed on 22nd of March, 2010 at Mangalore, which is my gals or my would be wife’s native.

17 days from now. Days pass very fast now, I still have the feeling that I am still doing my engineering, but those days are gone long back! Pufff.. Next would be the days where people expect a person to become more responsible, more mature etc etc, but I will still remain the same , just like how I am now…

Waiting for March 22nd…..



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