The Most Deadliest Exam Result


I still remember the day, it was the previous day of Yugadi or Hindu New Year, I was in 4th semester of my engineering then, so we all were expecting our 3rd semester exam results.

Usually our results are displayed on the VTU ( Visweswaraya Technological University) website, but don’t know that semester if it was our bad luck, their website server was down and they did not display it on their website, instead they sent the results to our college, which will then be put up on the notice board for public show.

That day morning we came to know that our results will come to the college by afternoon, some one also said that the results have already arrived and is in the courier shop at B.C.Road, which is about 10KMs from our college.

Morning all sessions were so boring and we had ants running in out stomachs just because of the fear of results. The reason for this was, 3rd semester exams were damn tough!! I was expecting to fail or lose in two deadly subjects of my whole engineering life, NETWORK ANALYSIS and ELECTRONIC CIRCUITS and was kind of 50-50 in ELECTRONIC MEASUREMENTS, remaining subjects I was sure to clear. But the above 3 I was almost sure to lose.

Then finally the lunch break arrived and we went to the hostel mess for lunch, but 1 single rice grain did not go inside because of this tension. My friends Santosh and Mahesh ,who were not hostelites had come to my room. All were in such a tension.

And by then some one came and told the results have come to college and have put up on the notice board, DAMN!!! My heart started beating like anything, I ran to college. There was a very heavy crowd near the notice board, it was very horrible to see some of my friends who had already saw the results were frowning since they had lost 1-2 subjects. I still had not seen the results, finally I made up my mind and decided to move close to the notice board and see the results.

I went near the notice board and asked one of my friend who was standing very near the notice board to check me result, he was in a kind of tension but still he checked my result and said 1st CLASS! I said pardon , because I was not sure , what I heard was my illusion or he really said that. 1st CLASS which means cleared all subjects, I asked him to check it again, he got pissed  since I was asking him again and again, so he said that I have cleared all subjects , please get lost!!!

Oh!! God It was such a relief, I had cleared all subjects…. I Thanked god don’t know how many times!! But this was really the most scaring result of my life, even though other results were not less scary, but this one was the DEADLIEST of all!



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