The Day I Can Never Forget!!


This is one of the incident that I can never forget for my whole life. It was the worst of all during which I saw myself totally helpless.

It was during my PU days when me and Venktesh were very good friends. We friends went to a big pond at my place Moodbidri. It was afternoon by then. We were accompanied by my other friends Jayawanth, Parmanand, Ravi, Ramshu , Atul , Kitta (Krishnanand, he is Venktesh’s uncle by relation) and some more. We had gone there to build a tube barge on which the Idol of Goddess Sharada was to be left into the pond.

We all were very excited because that pond was always closed for swimming as it was very deep and dangerous, but that day we all got a chance to swim in it. The pond was very big around 3000Sq Feet and was deep up to 50-60 feet approximately.

We had already built the barge using big tubes and oil barrels, and we all were dead tired, among us only me, Venky, Kitta, Atul, Ramshu knew swimming. So after building the barge Kitta, Ramshu, Atul decided to cross the pond from one side to the other. So first Atul started and he reached the other side with great difficulty , after him Kitta started and after him Ramshu. Ramshu reached almost the quarter length and came back instead as he could not. Kitta had reached almost the center and suddenly he screamed “Help”, Atul was on other side, Ramshu had reached back. Kitta was exactly at the center of the pond. That was the last word we heard from Kitta!! he drowned within no time.

Atul and Ramshu were so tired that they were not in a position to go to save Kitta, Me and venky did not dare to go and were not experts enough to save a person , others did not knew swimming! (Damn It!!). Kitta drowned and we couldn’t do anything. He was inside water for around 45 minutes and we called the fire brigade, ambulance but everything went in vain. We had already lost Kitta!

After 45 minutes Kitta’s Body was bought up and took to the hospital, we came to know he had a heart fail the moment he screamed for help.

It was the day which I will never forget, and I will never forgive myself for not attempting to save Kitta. I saw all of so helpless and numb.

But Kitta you will always rule in our hearts bro! Long Live our friendship.

We miss you!


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