Our Tirupati Trip


It was a very awaited trip for us ( myself, Abhay, Sri, Pradeepa) . We started from Bangalore on 30th night from Krishnarajapuram Railway station( Not actually all of us because Mr.Abhay Boarded the train from Whitefield station (WTF) ). The train was late by an hour, so we had enough time to study each detail of the railway station.

Finally the train arrived at 9.50PM, which was supposed to arrive at 9PM. Abhay met us at WTF station. We had a reservation so had no problem in getting our berths. Me and Sri were awake till around 11PM but Abhay slept as soon as he boarded the train ( He had some RF problem… lol). Later on we had no idea what happened as we slept and the train wsa on time as it reached Tirupati. It was 5.10Am then, we came out of the station boarded a Auto and went to Srinivasa Complex for Bath, TOILET etc. It was a amazing complex, very huge, but the problem was toilets were limited, so no doubt we had to wait outside the toilets for our turn. The guy inside the toilet was the king that time as the one’s who were waiting outside were begging him to come out.

After having Coffee we started to Alipiri on a Auto, we had to bargain very hard with that auto driver. Finally he accepted our offer and we reached Alipiri, its a place from were the footpath to tirumala begins. We had decided to climb the hills to tirumala. It was very pleasant experience for first 1000 steps, (only first 1000 steps) after that each step was like a hill. I don not remember who’s idea was it exactly, that we will have breakfast on the way, but it was really a bad idea. I was badly starving. After climbing around 3000 steps we had to get a token at a place called Galigopuram, we waited around 30 minutes on the queue and we got our token with our names badly mispellt.

Ahh! Finally we had our breakfast at a place following the Galigopura, where there were chains of small canteens, we had very good Idlis. Then we started walking again,after some time we came across a Deer park, we clicked many photos, mainly I was the photographer. We ate many things on the way like guavas, raw mangoes etc. It was really good. In between we had to walk by the road also. Totally we walked around 10KMs I guess. We had reached tirumala at around 11.30AM.

fresh, we got the room for 1 hour as it was already booked by someone else from 1PM that day. We had to bath etc by that time and had to vacate the room. We are engineers, we know how to manage time . Later we had a very good lunch at a hotel near by and went for the darshan of lord balaji. Me and Sri had got the slot of 11AM, Abhay and Pradeep had got the slot of 3PM. There the system was such that we would be given some time slots during which we are supposed to visit the temple. But anyways we were late so we all went for the 3PM slot, the guards allowed us to enter the queue complex at around 1.45.

Now came the worst part we were made to sit in a waitin hall for indefinite time. Sitting was not a problem but the problem was the environment there, lot of childrens crying, gas tragedies and lot more. We had to wait there for around 4-5 hours. But the only thing that insipired us to wait there was the line we read in the hotel ” IT IS NOT YOU ,WHO GET DARSHAN, IT IS HIM (LORD), WHO GIVES DARSHAN”.

Then finally around 5.30PM our queue started moving and it was a very congested passage through which we had to walk. We got to see the Amazing idol of Lord venkatesha for hardly 1 minute, but whatever it is, the sight of the lord was really soothing.

We had to collect laddus after we came out of the temple, each of us got 2 laddus for our token. Later we had to collect our luggages which we had kept in a local hotel locker. Abhay and Pradeep had to collect their chappals too as they had kept it in the chappal counters, me and shri had kept our chappals behind a ATM there (we both were the lazy part of us) It was already 7PM that time and we had to rush because we had to catch the train at 9.35PM at tirupati, so we boarded a bus to tirupati from tirumala.

We reached tirupati by 8.30PM and had dinner there at a hotel called Balaji Woodlands which I had suggested and I had to hear from all because the food there was not upto our level

We went to railway station from there by walk and Abhay had bought sweet beeda, he offered one to me also (which I spit out within 2 minutes ). The train was on time and we all slept early (Not because of RF problem) but we all were dead tired. Next morning by 6.30AM we had reached WTF station. We went to Kadugudi Bus depo and there was laddu distribution there . To know about tirupati laddu read the article Tirupati laddu

Later we went home by BMTC buses, so totally it was a very great experience for all of us.


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