Me and My Lover


This incident happened when I was in 1st standard, I guess it was purely because of my foolishness and my over cleverness.

I was in  1st standard and I still remember the classroom and the teacher, who was the class teacher for me. She was quite strict and I don’t know why I never liked that teacher nor she was good to me, she never spoke to me properly.

All this happened because of a photo frame, I guess someone ha gifted that photo frame to someone at my home. These photo frames are not usually gifted empty, but usually gifted with some film actor or actress photo. So what I did was I took out the actress photo and kept it in my school book.

During my class hours by some reason I had to open my note book which had the photo I had kept and my friend who sat next to me asked who was in that photo, I cleverly answered that the actor in that photo is my ” LOVER”, I swear I din’t know the meaning of lover, but had heard it somewhere so said it. Unfortunately it was heard by my teacher also, she called me front and hit me properly.

I was very much insulted by this incident, since then I never used the word lover, even now I say lover but girl friend!!


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