Heights of Foolishness


This incident happened when I was in Upper Kindergarten, but I still remember it scene by scene and now I wonder how much foolish was I, in doing that.

It was a afternoon session of our class, we did not had an afternoon session in Lower Kindergarten, so to counter for that we had 2 sleeping hours in the afternoon session, usually I never sleep afternoon, even that day I did not, in fact many of us were just pretending to be slept to avoid beating from the teacher ( WoW! teacher used to beat us if we did not sleep!!!!!) Some were whispering something in the ears of their neighbour, so our teacher said to keep quite else she will make us stand on the bench.

After 5-10 minutes one of my freind was caught and he was made to stand on the bench. Suddenly I don’t know from where that pulse came into my mind and I too wanted to stand on the bench, for me it was kind of funny thing, I never thought it as a punishment, I wanted to see from the top of the bench how the entire class looked (Just like how,one want to see the world from the top of the WTC!!! ). So I wanted to stand on the bench, but I cannot go and say directly to the teacher that I want to stand on the bench, what I did was , I called my neighbour and said him ” Hey, I will give you chocolates tomorrow!!”, and the teacher saw me speaking and my wish was GRANTED!!!

Now I just think of those days and cherish the memories, such were the days, no responsibilities, no tension, no fear of recession, job layoffs etc. Those days went just like pooffff!!



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