The Very Old Kidnapping Incident


I guess this is the incident that really scared m, it happened when I was very young, I don’t remember how young I was. But it was in a temple at my place, Moodbidre, although I was born in Mangalore, I was brought up in Moodbidre, a place near by Mangalore.

Some function was going on in the temple that time, as usual we all friends  were playing, we used to play games like hide and seek, police and thief, climbing tree etc, and many other games too. That day too we were playing hide and seek. It was almost 7 PM I guess and some function was going on in the temple hall.

One of now had to seek all of us who were to hide, the temple had a very large premises so there were lots of places to hide like in near the temple kitchen, temple pond, other temple buildings, temple priest house, the well, the parking space, the store room and many more. It would take aroung half an hour for the person to find all the hidden persons. Some time we all who were caught by the seeker had to wait for hours for the ones who were still not caught.

Even that day we all ran for hiding in different places and the seeker was facing wall and was counting from 100-0 , once 0 he can start seeking us.  Almost all of us were caught by the seeker, except for one guy, we all waited for him and the seeker was still finding him but after an hour he too got tired and accepted defeat and we all started finding him, we were unable to find him.

There was a woman in my place, all used to call her “PIRI PIRI MAYEE”, which means in my language, a aunt who speaks a lot just like a fire cracker. All kids like us were scared of her, we never spoke to her because of her fear. That day we had saw her going upstairs behind the temple, so we thought out friend whom we were not able to find was kidnapped by her.

After gathering all the daring in all of us we decided to go upstairs, we reached upstairs and it was fully dark. It was a big hall there and  at one of the corner of the dark hall there was a room which was lit. We thought our friend was there and we all friends made a decision to save our friends from her and started walking towards that room. As we approached that room we heard some voices, so we were sure someone was inside. We slowly peeped from the door, and we saw our friend sitting inside.

As soon as he saw us he signalled us not to make and noise and return back, we thought that woman was asking him to tell us this or he did not wanted any of us to be kidnapped by her. But we decided that we will take him and go at any cost, so we all decided to enter the room at a time and push her and run outside without seeing back.

We all rushed into the room and to our surprise ther was no woman there but there were other 3-4 senior guys who were not visible from the door. Actually they had bought something to eat and they din want us to disturb them, so they went there to eat and took this guy also since one of those senior guys was his elder bro. We all felt very embarrased and walked out of the room. Again to our surprise, at the other dark corner of the hall we saw the woman sleeping by herself without disturbing anyone. We felt very sorry for her and very ashamed of ourselves for predicting all non sense.

But this was really a very funny incident, I still remember ……..



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